Journal of Information Computational Science <p>Journal of Information Computational Science</p> en-US Journal of Information Computational Science SERIES SOLUTIONS OF SECOND ORDER LINEAR DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS <p><strong>Abstract. </strong>In this unit solutions of linear differential equations by power series are discussed. Power series method is particularly applicable to solving differential equations with variable coefficients, where some of the methods discussed in the previous units may not work .</p> <p>In this learning activity two methods are discussed: the method of successive differentiation and the method of undetermined coefficients. The technique of power series to solving differential equations requires some background knowledge of special functions of power series such as Taylor’s series.</p> <p><strong> </strong></p> <p><u> </u></p> <p> </p> Rakhimova Iroda Copyright (c) 2021 Journal of Information Computational Science 2021-09-10 2021-09-10 1 SOLVE THE GEOMETRY PROBLEMS OF TRIANGLES USING FROM COMPLEX NUMBERS <p><em>In this article, the application of complex numbers for triangular problems is considered.</em></p> SOBIROV SHEKHZOD ATAJANOV DILSHOD ESOMURADOVA RISOLAT Copyright (c) 2021 Journal of Information Computational Science 2021-06-28 2021-06-28 1 LEGAL BASIS OF FORMATION OF CIVIC CULTURE IN STUDENTS KADIROVA YAKITJAN BUVABAEVNA <p>The article emphasizes the high level of development of the legal culture of students, first of all, to strengthen the faith in our students, stimulate their will, educate them as independent people, not to forget their identity in the worldview, focusing on issues such as preserving the sacred values of ancestors.</p> KADIROVA YAKITJAN BUVABAEVNA Copyright (c) 2021 Journal of Information Computational Science 2021-07-14 2021-07-14 1 METHODS FOR GRAPHING FUNCTIONS IN COMPUTERS USING WEB TECHNOLOGIES <p>This article describes the structure and various tools for developing websites and plotting the functions studied in the course of mathematics using Internet technologies. Markup and web programming languages, tools for site design and the use of a database to store information are considered. The presented program codes, in which the construction of graphs of a function with given coefficients is considered, can be used as a visual aid for those of interest, students, applicants, etc.</p> Sh.K. Shoikulov A.A. Bozorov Copyright (c) 2021 Journal of Information Computational Science 2021-06-19 2021-06-19 1